In this chapter Nadia writes about learning to love her enemy

"Chris, under the name of Pirate Christian, has a large public following as a heresy hunter. His Pirate Christian Internet radio show broadcast attacks all kinds of Christians who depart even slightly from his own understanding of the faith." (Page 108)

"My liberalness and femaleness and gay-lovingness made me easy plunder for the Pirate." (Page 109)

"Ego and anger often compete for stage time in my head, and inevitably anger cannot be kept under the curtain for long." (Page 110)

Nadia writes about her meeting Chris, the Pirate Christian in a receiving line at a conference.

"It's weird Nadia," he said. "We obviously disagree about a lot, but something tells me that out of all these liberal Christians, you and I have a couple things we might agree on." (Page 111)

"I looked him in the eye and said, "Chris, I have two things to say to you. One, you are a beautiful child of God. Two, I think that maybe you and I are desperate enough to hear the Gospel that we can even hear it from each other." (Page 112)

"When these kinds of things happen in my life, things that are so clearly filled with more beauty or redemption or reconciliation than my cranky personality and stony heart could ever manufacture on their own, I just have no other explanation than this: God." (Page 112)

Love your neighbor and hate your enemies is not in the Old Testament

"'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy' sounds so familiar.. I'm pretty sure it's in my heart. It's link in my DNA." (Page 114)

"I think loving our enemies might be too central to the Gospel -- to close to the heart of Jesus -- for it to wait until we mean it." (Page 115)

Nadia then goes on the write about being "attacked" by liberal Christians because she supported Sojourners magazine's decision to not sell ad space to Believe Out Loud.

"I may have gotten an ego boost from being attacked by a conservative heresy hunter, but it felt awful to be attacked by my own people." (Page 118)

She then describes getting a phone call of support from Chris. "Chris said that he loved me and would pray for me. His enemy." (Page 119)

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