In this chapter Nadia writes about identity, and our identity through baptism

"That's when Paul finally understood grace. Paul finally understood that God's ability to name and love us is always greater than our ability to make ourselves worthy of either thing." (Page 134)

"Luther read that we are saved by grace and not through our 'works,' and when he read that he realized he had been lied to." (Page 134)

Nadia compares Paul and Luther to Asher (Mary Callahan), and notes that at the time of Asher's naming rite she too was struggling with identity issues. Her feelings of self-worth too heavily tied to the success or failure of HFASS.

Nadia is struggling with the sermon for that Sunday, the text for which is Jesus's baptism, which she associates with identity.

"Before we do anything wrong and before we do anything right, God has named and claimed us as God's own." (Page 138)

"For far too long, I believed that how the Church of Christ saw me, or how my family saw me, or how society saw me, was the same as how God saw me." (Page 138)

"Our identity has nothing to do with how we are perceived by others."

In that sermon Nadia preached about demons.

Martin Luther: "I am baptized." (Page 140)

"since the thing I love about baptism is that it is about God's action upon us and not our decision to 'choose' God, I believe that the promises spoken over us in baptism are promises that are for all of humanity." (Page 140)

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