In this chapter Nadia writes about preaching on the tenth anniversary of 9/11

Tenth year anniversary of 9/11. "A cheerful, yellow square on which was written: 'I can't forgive this. Can you?' (Page 145)

"I find forgiveness to be one of the trickier elements of the Christian faith since it can feel like forgiving something is the same as saying it's OK." (Page 145)

The lectionary texts for that Sunday were all about forgiveness

"Jesus showed up ten years after the most unforgivable, murderous event of my lifetime and started babbling about forgiveness. And this made forgiveness feel less like a concept and more like a crucible." (Page 147)

"Jesus always seems to be pairing God's forgiveness of us with our forgiveness of others. But why?" (Page 148)

"Somewhere along the way I was taught that evil is fought through justice and might. ... So maybe retaliation or holding on to anger about the harm done to me doesn't actually combat evil. Maybe it feeds it." (Page 149)

"What if forgiveness, rather than being a pansy way of saying it's OK, is actually a way of wielding bolt cutters and snapping the chain that links us?" (Page 150)

"What happened on 9/11 was not OK. That's why I need to forgive. Because I can't be bound to that kind of evil. Lest it infect the evil in my own heart and metastasize it." (Page 150)

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