In this chapter Nadia writes about how she was called to be a pastor.

Page 4: "We all find different things challenging in life. Speaking in front of hundreds of people was far less challenging for me than scheduling dental appointments."

Page 8: In writing about her friend, PJ, who committed suicide, she says, "He wondered about God: Was he beyond the pale of God's love?"

Page 8: Writing about being asked to do PJ's funeral service, Nadia says, "This is how I was called to ministry. My main qualification? I was the religious one. ... These were my people. Giving PJ's eulogy, I realized that perhaps I was supposed to be their pastor."

Page 9: "here in the midst of my own community of underside dwellers that I couldn't help but begin to see the Gospel, the life-changing reality that God is not far off, but here among the brokeness of our lives. And having seen it, I couldn't help but point it out. For reasons I'll never quite understand, I realized that I had been called to proclaim the Gospel from the place where I am, and proclaim where I am from the Gospel."

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