In this chapter Nadia writes about how she was conned, willingly and unwillingly

"I had rescued a pregnant, disadvantaged, teenaged African American girl... and I was about to give them a new life. This was a white privileged liberal's dream, and I was riding high on it." (Page 59)

"Still, of all the betrayals in that circumstance, it was my betrayal of myself that stung the most." (Page 66)

"Jesus calls us to welcome the stranger and serve our neighbor. ... Who is that neighbor? Being Christian is much harder than I wish it was." (Page 67)

"I'm haunted by how much my love was based on my need to be seen as heroic, and yet I can't deny that it did feel like love. A better Christian would love her anyway and still want to help her. A lousy Christian is conflicted and maybe a little hurt." (Page 67)

"God uses our humiliations as much as our victories."

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