This book is about the last week of Jesus's life.

"Passion" is from the Latin noun passio, meaning "suffering."

In everyday English we also use "passion" for any consuming interest, dedicated enthusiasm, or concentrated commitment.

"In this book we focus on 'what Jesus was passionate about' as a way of understanding why his life ended in the passion of Good Friday." (page 5)

"We do not in this book intend to attempt a historical reconstruction of Jesus's last week on earth." (page 5)

"tell and explain, against the back-ground of Jewish high-priestly collaboration with Roman imperial control, the last week of Jesus's life on earth as given in the Gospel According to Mark." (page 5)

"Mark alone went out of his way to chronicle Jesus's last week on a day-by-day basis, while the others kept some but not all of those indications of time." (page 6)

"Christian liturgy has started to collapse Holy Week into its last three days and renamed Palm Sunday as Passion Sunday." (page 7)

"the loss of Palm Sunday's enthusiastic crowds and all those days and events in between may weaken or even negate the meaning of the death and therefore of that resurrection (page 7)

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